Delete your Photobucket Account


Web-Service (Name):


To delete your account you will have to send an email to [email protected] Photobucket support will require some information for verification purposes. These include your username, email address, full name, dob, the postal code and country from where you registered your account and a description of a couple of pictures in your account. After your reply the staff will delete your account in 48 hours. According to Photobucket your old pictures cannot be recovered from deleted accounts as they will be completely erased from their servers.

Example delete request:
(for mail or contact form)

Dear Photobucket Team,
I ask you to delete my account and my personal details for the following account.
Please confirm the deletion via mail.

Account username: [your_account_username_here]
Account mail: [account_mail_here]
Account number: [account-number-here]

[your name]


Name: Photobucket
Difficulty: Hard